Empowering teachers and improving outcomes for students with developmental disabilities.

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Introducing SummitUp

View our video to learn how SummitUp saves time for special education teachers and empowers them to help students make meaningful progress year after year.

Why SummitUp?

Federal law for individuals with disabilities requires that each student have an “Individualized Education Plan.” This puts the burden on teachers to pull from multiple resources to design lesson plans, track progress and manually customize reports.

SummitUp is cutting-edge, web-based software that gives teachers the tools they need to be more efficient and effective in the classroom by providing differentiated instruction within groups. While every student in the group is working on a common domain, teachers can develop educational content that’s appropriate to each student’s current abilities and monitor progress in real time.

Supplemental Toolkits to help you achieve comprehensive and effective classroom instruction

The SummitUp software is just one of four Toolkits that are available under the SummitUp brand. All are part of a comprehensive, evidence-based approach that helps schools achieve the highest quality instruction for students with developmental disabilities and/or autism spectrum disorder.

Find out how SummitUp can elevate your capabilities and result in better outcomes for your students.

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“I’ve taught in two special ed settings. I save time and make better data driven decisions for each student. This tool has made me a better teacher.”

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